To be effective information systems need quality foundations.

Strengthening your foundations will add value to your information assets.


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The key to boosting organizational performance is to unlock the value of your information assets.


Information is no longer a by-product of business. It is the business.


How you manage it will directly affect your bottom line.


The amount of information created and used is growing exponentially. That’s a trend that wont change.

What we can change is how we manage it.

Synercon is a front-runner in information governance, operating throughout Australasia, the UK and North America. We’re dedicated to researching, developing and fostering best practice information governance.

With digital transformation, the old ways of managing information have become ineffective and irrelevant. The key to our future is to build artificial intelligence into our information systems and make the systems to do the work.

Our mission is to enable the automation of information governance.

We do this by building software tools for enterprise metadata, taxonomy and ontology management. We provide expertise in the design of intelligent data models that support auto-classification and auto-appraisal, and we build state-of-the art taxonomies and ontologies.

Metadata plays a major role in information management. We use metadata to describe, find and discovery, protect, appraise and dispose of our records.

In today’s information environment with the ever-increasing volume and variety of information, the role of metadata in describing our information grows even more important. For effective decision making, research, analytics, and information sharing we need rich high-quality metadata.

But with information stockpiles growing astronomically, people don’t have the time nor the training to manually tag documents with metadata.

We need much smarter ways to assign consistent, relevant and high-quality metadata to our documents.

Building metadata models for automating information governance requires the right knowledge and the right tools.

We’ve been building metadata, taxonomies,  ontologies and retention schedules for information governance since 2000. We understand information governance processes and the ISO standards that govern those processes.

With this knowledge we’ve built a.k.a.® software to deliver the right tools for autoclassification and automated appraisal. We’ve created new taxonomy and ontology models that we feed into our partner’s autoclassification engines to generate high quality, relevant metadata.

Automating information governance

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A rehash on DIRKS

A rehash on DIRKS

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