Our mission is to make information governance easier for you.

Our drive is to facilitate solutions that improve the speed, accuracy and reliability of information governance processes.

Metadata is the foundation of information governance.

Metadata is everywhere; everyone engaged in information management uses it. Anyone building an information system or database builds with metadata.

The same metadata you use to describe your information assets is subsequently used to identify, organize, sort, filter, search, validate, utilize, migrate, preserve and dispose of these assets.

Metadata provides the best value when it is controlled – i.e. when it is created and used consistently, at a user, enterprise or global level, ensuring that everybody is speaking the same language.

Darin Stewart – Building Enterprise Taxonomies.

At Synercon our focus is on how to make metadata work for you, providing advice, training and products to assist with:

  • defining enterprise metadata
  • controlling metadata
  • standardizing metadata
  • applying metadata using automation for smart capture

How to organize information?

So many decisions to make about structure and function. But which option to choose?

WordMap 500 250

In many cases, the information architecture of your chosen platform will determine the structure, but how to deliver classification schemes that meets the collective needs of your information stakeholders.

Different people with different tasks will order their knowledge assets differently to suit the tasks they have to do…

Patrick Lambe

Synercon can provide you with advice, training, and products to guide you through the complexity of organizing your information. We bring a multidisciplinary perspective to the discipline of organizing information, applying design principles and methodology.

Search is not just search any more. It is the art and science of making content easy to find.

The key to finding information is to make search easier. Even Google search algorithims make extensive use of keywords and tags.

Essentially it is things like the structure, organization, and metadata such as keywords, taxonomy, author names, dates created and modified, that help the search engines do their job. The better things are organized and described with metadata, the better quality of results.

Connie Crosby

Talk to us about what you need to improve your enterprise search experience.

We can assist you to build quality search tools – thesauri and ontologies that feed enterprise search engines. We can also advise you on how to continuously improve your digital libraries though cleansing and extending with quality metadata.

Automating metadata capture

The smart way to guarantee that the right information is always in the right place, at the right time, is to automate the capture of metadata.

The cost of capturing metadata manually is a major obstacle to improving information description. Unlike manual capture computers can process massive amounts of information very thoroughly, consistently and rapidly.

Documents are intended for reading by humans … data is intended for reading by machines

Marcus Clark 2013

Our research team are developing machine-readable models (metamodels) to enable the automated capture of records metadata.

With our extensive experience in information governance we understand what metadata is significant and how we can build metamodels which drive information governance processes.

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