“For some folk, taxonomies are just a bunch of words.

Good quality taxonomies, however, provide the logic, the rules and the standards needed to manage your information assets. They enable users to analyse, navigate, find, organise, arrange, manage and dispose of their information assets. They underpin the information architectures of our information systems.”


This one day workshop tackles the challenges associated with designing and developing best practice taxonomies that are fit for their intended purpose.

In the course we explore different taxonomic structures and discuss how structure relates to function, examine the elements used to build taxonomies; design a taxonomy framework; create a facet map; apply taxonomic standards and best practice techniques, and consider issues relating to the uptake of taxonomies and maintenance over time.

The role of Taxonomies

are the means by which users interact with information systems.


  • Examining the role of taxonomies in information systems
  • Comparing taxonomy structures
  • Designing a taxonomy framework
  • Discussing the function of specialist taxonomies

Developing taxonomies

are elements of both art and science when it comes to building taxonomies.

  • Identifying taxonomic elements
  • Developing a facet map
  • Harvesting existing terms
  • Appraising and sorting terms
  • Building schemes
  • Validating taxonomies

Standardising taxonomies

Conformance with standards confers authority and builds rigour into taxonomies.


  • Taxonomy design principles
  • Industry standards
  • Establishing best practice

The future of taxonomies

Will we be developing taxonomies for use by humans or machines?


  • Auto-classification tools
  • Search technologies

Maintaining taxonomies

How do you manage your taxonomy when everything around you is changing?


  • Taxonomy governance
  • Assigning responsibilities
  • Maintenance through stewardship
  • Dealing with mergers

Implementing taxonomies

no point in building a taxonomy that doesn’t get used


  • Delivering your taxonomy
  • Integrating into information systems
  • Using tools to support implementation

Information professionals involved with developing taxonomies and classification schemes, business analysts, consultants, system designers, SharePoint developers, web developers.

Classroom based and instructor led.  Exercises are used to develop skills and reinforce methodologies. Comprehensive training manuals and resources are provided to each participant

Conni Christensen is skilled information governance specialist with an international reputation for researching, developing and fostering best practice in metadata, taxonomies and system design.

Her ambition is to align information governance with information technology through common language and shared objectives – achieving business value and performance.

Training is available for on-site delivery or as scheduled courses subject to local demand.

Contact Synercon for a quote if you would like to attend a scheduled training course or to organise this training course for your organization or professional group.

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