I’m seriously impressed with the courses offered by the University of Technology Sydney. http://handbook.uts.edu.au/courses/c04203.html#F8

In particular I like the following subjects – core for the Masters degree and the Graduate Diploma in Information Management, paraphrased here:

Organising Information

This subject explores the interrelationship between processes and principles of information/knowledge organisation and information access. Students learn advanced skills of information organisation and apply them to the design and development of a database created in response to particular client requirements. The subject covers topics such as database structures, content analysis, indexing, abstracting, classifying, content management, architecture and metadata creation. The major project involves database creation and usability testing.

Information Architecture and Design

User-centred information design and architecture principles applied specifically to the development of information products and services that facilitate a variety of communication interactions…Content management and organisation is examined in relation to models for designing and structuring information and communication products…Policies and key issues such as accessibility, ethics, intellectual property, privacy and security, publishing, usability and online teaching and learning are related specifically to implications for accessing, using and sharing knowledge.

Discovering and Accessing Information

This subject explores the nature, functions and characteristics of a range of resources and collections in diverse settings. It examines the interrelationship between processes and principles of information/knowledge organisation, selection and retrieval practices and information seeking behaviours. Students develop an understanding of the theory and practice of information retrieval and collection management in networked information environments. Students learn to apply client-centred approaches to information retrieval and develop specialised search strategies that enable them to improve client access to electronic and print resources. The subject covers topics such as: Boolean logic, thesauri tools, keyword searching, metadata and mediating relationships.

Essential stuff, I believe, for information management professionals – especially relevant for records managers involved in digital transition. Also essential knowledge for those who involved in the development of recordkeeping instruments and standards – metadata, classification schemes and records retention schedules.

Great work UTS.

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